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Carol M. Paris
Realtor Associate

Equal Housing Opportunity. Realtor.

1347 Kapiolani Boulevard - Third Floor
Honolulu, HI 96814

Team Oahu

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Aloha! I'm Carol Paris, and I have many years of experience helping both sellers and buyers navigate the complex Oahu real estate market. Real estate transactions are not simple and attempting to handle all of the details while simultaneously relocating can be stressful, even overwhelming. My specialty is exceeding your expectations in a timely manner.

I also offer a referral service that can help you if you are moving to the other islands of Hawaii or elsewhere. Keller Williams Realty has agents on all main Hawaiian Islands and offices across North America, and several other countries, for your relocation needs.

While a great deal of real estate data is freely available on the Internet, this information may be insufficient or outdated. I am immersed in the real estate market on a daily basis and have viewed thousands of properties so that I am always up to date with current market conditions.

My detailed, expert knowledge of the Oahu residential real estate market will help ensure that selling or owning here will be as quick and stress-free as possible. Please read the testimonials on the right for an idea of how my clients appreciate my services. I have developed a wide network of contacts over the years and can help guide you through both your real estate transaction and other aspects of your move. These services include referrals for moving, transportation, schools, doctors, dentists and many other quality professionals upon whom you can depend.

There is no substitute for the assistance of an award-winning real estate professional! My current knowledge of the Oahu real estate market can help save you and make you thousands of dollars. Also, I have witnessed just about every mistake that sellers and buyers can make - and I know how to avoid these mistakes.

If you are a seller, I will give you information about what your property is worth in today’s market. I can also help you obtain the best price for your property by providing specific, expert marketing services that can net you more money. I will guide you through every detail of the sale. Now is a perfect time to sell and own a home that may better suit your needs. Sign up now for my e-course, "Real Estate Secrets that have made My Clients Thousands of Dollars."

If you are looking to own a home, I will help you navigate Oahu neighborhoods and school information, if needed, to find that hidden gem that is just right for you. I can also provide advice and education about the home-owning process, so that even first-time homebuyers will feel comfortable and empowered about home ownership. Sign up for "Five Secrets You Must Know about Owning a Home in Hawaii" for valuable insights that can help both new and existing home owners. You will learn the following and much more:

  • The unexpected factors that go into neighborhood choice
  • How to narrow down your neighborhood search quickly to a few key neighborhoods
  • What the nationwide "credit crunch" is doing to Hawaii real estate and how you can get the best price and lending rates if you are getting a loan
  • Information on the home listings you should be aware of and how it dramatically affects the price of a home

When you sign up for "Real Estate Secrets that have made My Clients Thousands of Dollars." or "Five Secrets You Must Know about Owning a Home in Hawaii," you will also receive free, immediate access to Oahu home listings. If you want me to send you the latest real estate listings customized just for you, please call my cell phone at 808-224-7071. Call me anytime - even late in the day. Just leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

My expertise will transform you into a savvy client and will give you an edge in this real estate market.

These insights have saved my clients a great deal of time and aggravation and have helped both sellers and buyers obtain astonishing results!

Call me today at 808-224-7071 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Map of O'ahu showing residential localities.

“...Carol knows intimately the [Hawaii] housing market and understands the real estate sales process. She understood and met our needs in a timely, friendly, and professional manner. Carol has set the standard that all agents should strive to achieve.” M.J.

“Carol worked diligently to determine our housing needs and made sure the homes she located were within our specifications. Her interviewing skills made it easy to quickly develop a search plan... She spent the time to identify qualified candidate [homes] and submitted only those for review. Working with Carol was a unique and refreshing experience.” Z. F.

“Carol is an outstanding Realtor who put forth 110% to sell our home in a timely fashion with persistence and class. She is an exceptional negotiator and multi-tasker.” D.P. & J.P.

“Carol worked very hard on our behalf even before we arrived on the island... Upon arrival she provided us with a very detailed orientation to the island. She listened intently to our needs and desires, and showed us exactly what we wanted to see each day. She did not waste our time showing us homes that did not fit our criteria.

Carol was willing to work long after everyone else had gone home. Had it not been for her insistence that we work past 10 p.m. on the night we were drafting the contract, we would have lost the sale to two other offers that were submitted the next morning. Thanks to her we got the home we wanted.

She truly takes a personal interest in you and doesn't stop until you are 100% satisfied. Even after the sale, she was there to ensure that things were going well and to tie up any loose ends.” S. L.

“Even though we first started looking at homes in the end of December, we were closed before the end of February! We found a home that the whole family is excited about (that is not an easy chore!)” P. M.

“We would like to express our gratitude for the extremely professional service we received by your agent and our newly adopted family member - Ms. Carol Paris. Carol's skill, talent, and experience in the real estate market were apparent and she exceeded all expectations as our agent/advocate. Thank you for meeting our real estate needs and allowing Carol to assist our family in this stressful, but exciting transition.” J. C.