Portrait of Carol Paris

Carol M. Paris
Realtor Associate

What others say:

“...Carol knows intimately the [Hawaii] housing market and understands the real estate sales process. She understood and met our needs in a timely, friendly, and professional manner. Carol has set the standard that all agents should strive to achieve.” M.J.

“Carol worked diligently to determine our housing needs and made sure the homes she located were within our specifications. Her interviewing skills made it easy to quickly develop a search plan... She spent the time to identify qualified candidate [homes] and submitted only those for review. Working with Carol was a unique and refreshing experience.” Z. F.

“Carol Paris helped us look at homes during the short, intense 10-day period over Christmas. She was very patient with our difficult circumstances. She helped us rule out the areas of Hawai'i where we would not be happy in order to help us focus on the areas of interest.

Even though we first started looking at homes in the end of December, we were closed before the end of February! We found a home that the whole family is excited about. (That is not an easy chore!)”P. M.


What others say:

“Carol worked very hard on our behalf even before we arrived on the island... Upon arrival she provided us with a very detailed orientation to the island. She listened intently to our needs and desires, and showed us exactly what we wanted to see each day. She did not waste our time showing us homes that did not fit our criteria.

Carol was willing to work long after everyone else had gone home. Had it not been for her insistence that we work past 10 p.m. on the night we were drafting the contract, we would have lost the sale to two other offers that were submitted the next morning. Thanks to her we got the home we wanted.

She truly takes a personal interest in you and doesn't stop until you are 100% satisfied. Even after the sale, she was there to ensure that things were going well and to tie up any loose ends.” S. L.

“We met Carol who showed us several homes. Her professionalism, candor, and intuitive ability to know what we were looking for helped us buy a beautiful piece of property.” B. R.

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