Double Your Income: 8 Success Secrets From a Spectacular Life

Are you a seasoned or budding entrepreneur planning on growing your business? Carol M. Paris gives you the secret keys to success in this dynamic new book, Double Your Income: 8 Success Secrets from a Spectacular Life. Along the way, she shares how her businesses succeeded and what she did consistently throughout her career to achieve that success.

From her childhood in the Midwest, through her travels with her family, Carol introduces you to her background in business and the restaurant and real estate industries. Carol takes her experiences as an employee and business owner and distills them to help you create an amazing and successful business of your own.

The 8 Success Secrets are outlined with actionable items that you can do now. You can Double Your Income and achieve true growth in your business. Carol explains the importance of each secret and shows you the steps to achieve the 8 Success Secrets.